Being over 6 feet tall as a teenager was anything but cool. This was the unfiltered truth for Author Anashay Gould.

The uninvited challenges of not fitting in proved to weigh heavily on Anashay’s perception of self. On a mission to document her reality and to create a safe space for the exchange of the experiences of tall women, The Goddess League was born.

The Goddess League seeks to empower new generations of tall women who change the narrative and embrace their beauty. More than a book, The Goddess League has evolved as a movement for the tall women of the world.


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The Author

Anashay Gould


I started writing The Goddess League because I felt compelled to do so.

I would get complimented so much on the way I carried myself and I noticed it was because other women of height weren’t confident. Some would slouch or just walk with the weight of the world on their shoulders and I used to always question what could possibly be the matter with them? What I failed to realize was some young ladies and women weren’t fortunate enough to be told everyday that they are beautiful and to be a tall woman is a gift. I am aware that being different isn’t something that the majority of the population craves but I took so much pride in standing above the rest.

I hail from the great state of Texas (where everything is bigger and better!) and I am the baby of 8 siblings. Thankfully my Mom and Dad were both around 6 feet tall so the majority of my brothers and sisters are as well. Leads me back into why I said I was continuously praised…it was because I had other shining examples and had no choice but to be thankful for my height.

Now please don’t get me wrong I wasn’t a fan being the tallest of my peers when I was younger, not at all. I for sure had my struggles and that is what I talk about in The Goddess League and I mention the victories as well. I call it a self-help guide but it is so much more than that.

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The Goddess League

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